Why it pays to have a professionally designed logo

“How much do you charge to design a logo?” It’s the question on the other end of the phone that we dread hearing. Not because we don’t thoroughly enjoy sinking our teeth into a good branding project, we sure do! But because the question implies that the prospective client doesn’t understand that creating a logo is more than sitting down for an hour and coming up with a cute little image or wordmark.

If cost is the main concern, then it’s probably best to go with the neighbour’s teenage daughter who’s a whizz on the computer and has offered to do it for £20. Or better yet, try out a free online logo generator. The truth is, not everyone will appreciate the time and thought that goes into the professional approach to logo design.

Your logo is the first thing that will be seen by the outside world and your target audience, and first impressions tend to stick. So it’s important to get it right. Your logo also needs to fit within a larger branding framework to be successful, and this requires strategic thought and experience. We can guarantee that these are not things that will happen without some investment at the outset.

There are also technical specifications that may be overlooked when a logo is created by a an amateur. Does the logo work well in black and white? Have they created it as a vector image? Does it work at very small sizes? Are there vertical and horizontal options? Has a social media icon been considered? If not, you may be looking at spending money down the line to rectify these issues.

Your logo is the anchor of your entire brand. It needs weight behind it. This requires research, reflection and understanding, which takes time. We can promise that you won’t get that from free – or nearly free – design work!

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