Getting the brand right for niche law firm Wrigleys

Since its establishment in 1996, Wrigleys has become a leading specialist legal practice outside London, with niche expertise in expertise in agriculture and rural property, education, private individuals, charities, foundations, trustees and pension schemes. They also have extensive experience working with community-led projects, with many staff acting as trustees, directors and/or volunteers in community projects.
When we first crossed paths with Wrigleys, they were a well-established practice with a focus on delivering top-notch service to their existing client base. They had a logo and website, but no brand guidelines. This resulted in marketing communications that lacked consistency and did not accurately reflect their history, successes or potential of the firm. Our task was to create a brand presence that would raise their profile and make ongoing print and digital communications much more straightforward.
To craft a brand that reflected the values, talent and history at Wrigleys, we initially:
  • conducted brand focus meetings with staff and partners to gain insight into what makes the firm tick
  • researched the legal market and Wrigleys’ target audiences
  • brainstormed messaging and visuals that we presented to the Wrigleys team
  • developed and refined concepts that were positively received 
  • created brand guidelines to make ongoing marketing communications straightforward
  • collaborated with a digital development partner to revamp the Wrigleys website
Defining the brand was just the start, we then got to work rolling it out across:
  • marketing collateral – both sector-specific and firm-wide
  • stationery
  • email campaigns and newsletters
  • social media and digital marketing assets
  • print advertising
  • photography
  • event stands and assets
  • direct mail
  • ongoing brand management

Wrigleys now have a brand identity that helps them shine in a busy legal marketplace. A mix of striking visuals and distinct messaging accurately reflects their personality and areas of expertise and allows them to develop their marketing with new-found confidence.


“Working with our employees and management, the team helped us to drill down exactly what our brand should promote. Since then, they’ve been fantastic at communicating this through many different visual assets.”