Five fantastic WordPress plugins you’ve probably never heard of…

Most of us here at Team Thynne are creative problem solvers. So when we are asked about anything related to the backend of your website, we turn to our WordPress ninja Steven. We asked him to share his top five favourite plugins and this is what he had to say…

  1. Yoast SEO – The ultimate SEO tool for WordPress. Is has the ability to customize the meta data, Facebook and Twitter cards on pages, generate sitemaps, and so much more. This plugin should never not be installed.
  2. Cache plugins – Breeze is a wonderful plugin that may need some advanced set-up, but is lightweight and gets the job done, and in return your website will be super fast for visitors and search engines. There’s another one to mention here called WP Fastest Cache. If you buy their premium plugin, this is the one to have enabled on all websites due to it’s simplistic nature and advanced features.
  3. Contact Form 7 – A very lightweight contact form plugin which can integrate into multiple platforms such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, or your own custom API.
  4. Advanced Custom Fields PRO – When building custom bespoke websites, this is a fully featured plugin that allows you create a range of fields for custom content for easy simplistic editing.
  5. Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan – The ultimate security plugin for WordPress. This plugin monitors your website visitors and blocks those that are spam bots from doing harm and potentially bringing your website offline.

If you are thinking about a new web project, or you need a bit of spice adding to the one you’ve already got, give us a shout. We’d love to help you out!